Terms & Conditions

1. Upon pre-ordering of goods, customers must provide a valid contact name, phone number and address for collecting/delivery goods.
2. Customers must present the original invoice upon collection of the goods. In any cases of invoice is loss or damage, please contact Brick Shop as soon as possible.
3. All personal information gathered by Brick Shop shall be used in the purpose of your order but may be kept for future promotional events by ourselves.

Product Exchange Regulations
1. Effective receipt is needed for product exchange within 7 days after purchase.
2. Refund Policy is not available.
3. Products can be exchanged provided that the products are in new with sealed packing, however, only once.
4. The difference will not be returned if the price of the exchange item is lower than the original one.
5. Brick Shop reserves the right for final decision.

Delivery Service

1. Brick Shop will ship out the goods in that day and the next working day after received the payment from customers.
2. Brick Shop will try our best to delivery on scheduled time and location. If delivery is delayed, postponed or cancelled due to traffic, weather, different district or other factors, Brick Shop shall not be liable for any loss or damage, no matter whether the factor which causes the delay, postponement or cancellation is within the control of Brick Shop or not.
3. Any change in delivery must be made at least 2 working days before the scheduled delivery
4. During the T8 or BLACK rainstorm warning is issued, all deliveries will be suspended.
5. If there is any dispute, Brick Shop reserves the rights for final decision.